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This website is designed to provide tutorials for junior histopathologists and a resource for consultants.

A learning resource for histopathologists

A selection of cases over the past years.

Gallery of cases

Cut up protocols for uropathology and dermatopathology and now  with some video tutorials.

Cut up protocols and videos

Lectures and tutorials on uropathology and dermatopathology for pathologists

Lectures and tutorials

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Uropathology EQA Scheme

I co-organise this external quality assurance scheme. It is designed to educate histopathologists in the field of uropathology. The scheme is open to consultant histopathologists in the UK and Eire.

The scheme is also open to overseas pathologists and trainees.

You can register at:

This scheme is associated with the British Association of Uropathologists who run courses in uropathology in the UK.

More info at:

If you want to know more about EQA here is a lecture I gave at the IAP in 2012: How to run a slide based EQA scheme in GU pathology

More information on other EQA Schemes is available from the Royal College of Pathologists:

Pathology tutorials for medical students